Perl5 リファレンス


alarm 指定した秒数が経過した後、プロセスに、SIGALRM を伝える。
exec The `exec' function executes a system command and never returns-- use `system' instead of `exec' if you want it to return.
fork Does a fork(2) system call to create a new process running the same program at the same point.
getpgrp 指定された PID の現プロセスグループを返す。
getppid 親プロセスのプロセスIDを返す。
getpriority プロセスの現優先度を返す。
kill Sends a signal to a list of processes.
pipe Opens a pair of connected pipes like the corresponding system call.
qx/STRING/ 引用に使う。「`」を表す。
setpgrp Sets the current process group for the specified PID, `0' for the current process.
setpriority Sets the current priority for a process, a process group, or a user.
sleep Causes the script to sleep for EXPR seconds, or forever if no EXPR.
system Does exactly the same thing as `exec LIST', except that a fork is done first, and the parent process waits for the child process to complete.
times 自プロセスと子プロセスのユーザとシステムのCPU時間を秒で、4つの要素をもつ配列として返す。
wait Behaves like the wait(2) system call on your system
waitpid Waits for a particular child process to terminate and returns the pid of the deceased process, or `-1' if there is no such child process.