Perl5 リファレンス


chdir 作業ディレクトリを指定のディレクトリに変更する。
chmod ファイルパーミッションを変更する。
chown ファイルのオーナーを変更する。
chroot This function works like the system call by the same name:
fcntl Implements the fcntl(2) function.
glob 条件に一致するファイル名を返す。
ioctl Implements the ioctl(2) function.
link Creates a new filename linked to the old filename.
lstat Does the same thing as the `stat' function (including setting the special `_' filehandle) but stats a symbolic link instead of the file the symbolic link points to.
mkdir Creates the directory specified by FILENAME, with permissions specified by MASK (as modified by `umask').
open Opens the file whose filename is given by EXPR, and associates it with FILEHANDLE.
opendir Opens a directory named EXPR for processing by `readdir', `telldir', `seekdir', `rewinddir', and `closedir'.
readlink Returns the value of a symbolic link, if symbolic links are implemented.
rename Changes the name of a file; an existing file NEWNAME will be clobbered.
rmdir Deletes the directory specified by FILENAME if that directory is empty.
stat Returns a 13-element list giving the status info for a file, either the file opened via FILEHANDLE,f or named by EXPR.
symlink Creates a new filename symbolically linked to the old filename.
umask Sets the umask for the process to EXPR and returns the previous value.
unlink 指定されたファイルを削除する。
utime Changes the access and modification times on each file of a list of files.